Joel Ballew

Mr. Ballew started as the first account manager in OMEGA Benefit Group’s history.  After three years of managing every aspect of the insurance process for OMEGA’s clients, the leadership at OMEGA promoted Joel to the Sales Executive of the Lawrenceville office.   During that time it was clear to the ownership of Omega that Mr. Ballew had grown the agency successfully.  Joel decided it was time to take on a new challenge and role within the organization.  Effective May 1st Joel became the President/CEO of the OMega Benefit Group.  He manages the day to day sales process for all potential clients no matter the size.  Also included in his job responsibilities are the management of the OMEGA team members and operational functions.

Some guys are great at shooting the basketball but can’t teach the techniques to save their life. Joel Ballew has it down on both ends. A graduate of Toccoa Falls College in Georgia where he played collegiate basketball.  According to Ballew, coaching is a lot like insurance sales: “A lot of people in the insurance business sell, sell, sell, to make money. It’s not all about selling. It’s about “educating” clients and prospects on the world of insurance and benefits. OMEGA is much more than just insurance sales organization. We are your insurance coach. Both are teaching experiences. A lot people don’t know everyday terms in the insurance business. Here at OMEGA we have really learned that if you are not teaching your clients,  you are doing them a huge disservice,” he says. Ballew finds himself taking his coaching skills into the business realm. “Coaching taught me how to deal with different personalities and with sales it’s the same thing. I can teach my customers how to win with a great product, but really they’re buying me. You’re selling yourself, and all your experience, knowledge, and personal attention.”

Sonya Beam

As a Marketing Superhero for the comic-themed promotions firm named the POP Shop clients are rescued from day-to-day marketing challenges through a vast array of resources. Capabilities can include promotion execution, through the creative use of promotional products, printing, point-of-purchase, packaging, apparel, direct mail, corporate programs and incentive/recognition program. Before the company was acquired in 2009, responsibilities included sales, operations, marketing, accounting and human resources in the role of co-owner. Clients include retail brands, advertising agencies and non-profit companies.