Open Enrollment Is Coming To An End

The end of the 2014-2015 Individual Open Enrollment is about to end for those looking to get individual/family medical coverage as well as SHOP Coverage through the Federal Exchange as well as through the Private market.  If you or someone you know is trying to get the process completed through either avenue it must be done by the 15th or you better get ready for a year without coverage!  The only way coverage can be completed after the 15th is if a “life changing event” occurs or if your renewal is during the year.

How can you be prepared?

With the deadline for Open Enrollment this Sunday, February 15, there is the potential for possible delays or issues this weekend with the enrollment systems. To help ease concerns and frustrations that could arise, we are providing actions that need to be taken if you are affected.

On-Exchange enrollments

  •  If the computer systems are not working properly (e.g. displaying incorrect information or not responding), please contact the Health Insurance Marketplace immediately for assistance in completing an enrollment.
  •  On the last day of open enrollment for December and January (December 15th and January 15th), the Health Insurance Marketplace experienced a high call volume. During these times, customers were asked to leave their phone number, so that they could receive a call back by a representative.
    • By leaving their phone number, a record is created of being “in-line” prior to the cutoff date.
    • Only the Customer’s phone number can be left, DO NOT leave your phone number.
    • In this situation, only a call to the Health Insurance Marketplace will count as “in-line” for On-Exchange enrollments.
  •  Enrollment cut off is 3 a.m. Eastern Time (this allows for Pacific Coast Time) for completed application or to be considered in-line to have a March 1, 2015, effective date.

If you need help navigating the Exchange or the SHOP website don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We are here to help with the cumbersome process and understand the confusion that comes with individual/family market.  To request a quote, click here


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