New PPACA Manager added to Agency Management Tool
computer ACAManager is a large-scale ACA compliance solution for brokers and their employer groups. The Omega Benefit Group is really excited to show you one way our agency is tackling Healthcare Reform and the logistics facing employers both large and small.  From time to time our team get’s the latest program to help our clients in various regulatory compliance. Unlike the competition, ACAManager unites comprehensive benefits administration technology with a compliance solution designed to mitigate risks and safeguard your company and employees from costly penalties incurred by the Department of Labor or IRS.  The great news for Omega clients is that the ACA Manager is free of charge to you!


  • Set-up and regulate required ACA notices
  • Manage, track and determine full-time equivalency and benefit eligibility
  • Configure multiple measurement, administrative and stability periods
  • Determine “pay” or “play” strategy with interactive calculator and real-time assessment
  • Analyze employer affordability ratio and employee status changes


As well employer’s will be able to fulfill 6055 and 6056 reporting for the IRS.

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