Life Insurance For Your 30’s

When you reach your 30s, life is in full swing. If you’re like me, you’ve been in your home for a couple years, you have new kids on the way, and you’ve enjoyed a few pay raises at your job. You start being more financially conscious about your family need, and term life insurance becomes more of a priority.

In my 30s, I welcomed the arrival of not only our first son but our second and third as well. After our first son arrived, it was only matter of weeks before I realized that I needed more life insurance. The thought of something happening to me and my wife having to not only run the household but also take care of our little son, I knew that I needed more. I immediately then got a quote for a $500,000 30-year term policy that brought my grand total up to $750,000.

Rules of thumb of buying life insurance in your 30′s

There are many different ways you can go about calculating how much life insurance you need. The first general rule of thumb that many people use is to take 10 times your annual income. So, if you’re making $60,000 a year, times that by ten and you should have at least a $600,000 term life policy. One point I would like to emphasize in that calculation is that I think that is the bare minimum, so anything less than that and you’re under covered, but in reality you should have more. While you’re in your 30s, most likely you will be working at least another 30 years, so making sure you’re covered should be a priority.

Other methods of calculating how much you need

I use a ten times my income calculation as a guideline in my interest calculation, but being a numbers guy I decided to use a slightly different calculation. I figured that if my wife invested the life insurance proceeds money she should be able to average at least 5% interest off her investments. I then also figured that she would need roughly $100,000 a year to take care of the house and her three boys to help out with raising them and helping them all go to college. So, to get her $100,000 a year if she divided that by 5%, that equals that we would need $2 million invested, and that is how I came up with how much life insurance that we needed. It is not the only way to calculate how much life insurance you’ll need, but it is something that you could use for your own calculations.


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