Top 10 Reasons to Work with Omega


Our agency is becoming a thought leader in your market


Today’s employee benefits/insurance market has forced the C-Suite, HR staff and Office administration to be more proactive with their benefits program, especially with healthcare reform looming. The Omega Benefit Group delivers enterprise level solutions to companies at an affordable price… and by affordable I mean FREE!  No, for those of you wondering we are not formerly used car salesmen.  With our solutions, you can offer your employees unrivaled communication and enrollment services while enhancing the value of your current benefits package.

The comedic sparks won’t fly like Letterman’s Top 10 list.  However, be wary as the bits of benefits excitement will potentially draw you into a trance!

 You get to deal directly with our lovely team. We are nice and somewhat good looking! 
Client specific dedicated account/customer service staff.
Benefits enrollment and HR Portals are available to all clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 
Access to programs that save money on current benefits program (lifestyle managment, shared on-site clinics, and more). 
Administration of benefits tools are free including COBRA, etc.
Improved communication to employees through several types of technology on all facets of your business.
Reduce corporate liabilities through education and e-learning.
More accurate payroll reporting.
Our team see’s you more than twice a year on the golf-course and at renewal! Novel concept I know. 
 Guaranteed customer service timelines that help eleviate headaches for office administration/HR and employees alike.

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