Why Expect Anything Less?

Would you describe your insurance agent or Consultant/Broker’s attention to service “proactive” or scrambling to solve problems? How does your agent/broker provide you with service?  Does your agency representation present strategies to minimize potential cost in the future? What about helping with claim problems? Answering employees’ questions about how their plan works? Does your current advisor maintain a web page that has all of your companies benefits outlined clearly so that your employees can access benefits information anytime or anywhere?

Note: The average American family pays $18,074 in healthcare coverage a year.  This includes the family costs as well as the employer contribution.

These questions are all direct and important to ask. Your agent is earning a monthly commission from all your covered insurance companies.  That commission is designated to service your account.  If you haven’t asked your agent these questions it is never too late to sit down and discuss them.  The CEO/CFO/COO, HR staff and Business Managers must ensure their employees are getting the best benefits their money can buy. 

As an example of service, every OMEGA Benefit Group client gets a quarterly visit from our account management team.  This time is used to focus on follow-up of daily service problems and helping better the lines of benefit communication.  The days of working on the renewal for your plan and then not seeing your agent again are gone.  True Benefit agent/brokers are always working with their client base to create a team atmosphere. 

I can’t stress it enough… Your Benefit consultant’s top priority should be you and your employees not their commissions dollars! Your agent/broker also needs to recognize that there is never a program that can be matched.  A small company with 13 covered employees still has the requests and benefits needs of those employees in large companies. A true Benefits consultant assists your company in disseminating a custom, cost containing benefits plan that has all the weapons of being well designed, well communicated and well operated.

Does your current agent/broker fulfill what I discussed above? If not, there is a solution with no monetary impact to you.  There is a form that can be sent out to carriers when a employer needs better service than what they are currently receiving.  This change is referred to as a “Broker of Record letter” which will replace that agent with a new advisor/consultant. There’s even better news:

  1. No charges whatsoever will be incurred by you.
  2. The insurance carrier will not change at that time.
  3. Your plan will stay the same and the monthly billing of premium will stay the same.
  4. You can change agents at anytime and for any reason.

Is your insurance agent or Consultant/Broker’s attention toward you meeting what is in the market today?  If not, a needs analysis might be in your immediate future. With your premium dollars going toward service, Why expect anything less?

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